Friday, 1 June 2012


My Summer Style

This summer i have became inspired by bohemian. My style for a while now has consisted of hippy with a little edge but with summer finally here ive found myself eyeing up nude and tan colours, lace, feathers and kimono's. I always like to dress how i feel, by my personality and mood and lately my inner mother earth has been coming out as im all for natural tones and flower headbands!

Developed from the 60's and 70's era's it has modernised with different patterns, colours and accessories added to it such as flare'd trousers and peace signs. As my hippyness side loves peace signs -i say love but i have too many peace sign rings, t-shirts, earings, necklaces, bracelets and almost bought a pair of peace sign leggings, its more of a problem.Moving onto the bohemian look, accessories can be from peace sign jewellery, to animals and even earth pendants. I already have 'peace' tattoo'd on my wrist so as you can tell this style will match well with my personality. I also love the dreamcatcher tattoo's, there really lovely especially the ones with good detail, I'm obsessed with dreamcatcher vests, bracelets, everything so i absolutely love them as a tattoo idea!

Along with aztec prints and chiffon materials, another big bohemian look is fringe! Fringing on dresses, waistcoats, jackets, bags, boots, vests, shorts, skirts, it can be used on everything and i love that! It's my favourite part of a boho look, it adds a laidback look to your outfit and im definitely a laidback kind of person so thats maybe why i love this style so much, it is a very personal one, its laidback, natural, earth loving, peace nurturing and with summer coming along its the perfect choice.

I  also think a certain actress is to blame for my obsession beginning to worsen over this type of style, as 90210 Gillian Zinser who plays Ivy is a style icon of the bohemian look. I just love everything she wears on 90210, photo shoots and what she wears casually out and about, her own personal style is shown in whatever she does and she always looks so laid back yet chic!

I also blame tumblr as i am addicted to such blogs:

So check them out, they may inspire you too!

But for now heres some pretty bohemian pictures to make you inspired too!

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