Saturday, 12 January 2013


My shoes i ordered finally came!!
I've been wanting them for a while as i love Balenciagas harness boots sooo much!
But as there over a grand i had to settle for the copy cats haha.
There very similar so i'm happy with them :).
Can't wait to wear them with so many outfits i have in mind, i'll post some pictures!

I popped into New Look yesterday and found some really cute pieces of jewellery.
I thought these little ear cuffs were especially cute and the buddah one caught my eye.
I also had to buy this elephant bracelet, i love elephants but i have too many accessories with elephants on its ridiculous and peace signs too, haha! I love the Indian look it has though, i really like jewellery inspired by different cultures.

I was also sorting through my jewellery box and realised i need to stop buying it!
It's like an obsession or something, i'm addicted to buying rings and i can't help but buy a pair of earrings i like the look of. I also have necklaces and bracelets in drawers, stands and hooks around my room. I really need to stop... I've just purchased another ring off eBay too, oops! My little collection does look cute though haha.

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  1. your jewellery is amazing omg i am so jealous! following :)