Saturday, 23 March 2013


I discovered Sabo Skirt a while back on instagram and immediately lusted after every piece of clothing on the website. How can you not? The bare shoulder tops, flower patterns, floaty materials and flounces. It's definitely inspired my summer wardrobe, some of my favourite pieces are the white spanish dresses and the morrocan patterned dress, so i think i'll be purchasing these to wear on holiday, as we don't get much hot weather here in the north east of England. Fingers crossed we will this year, I'm sick of wearing a coat!

Check it out for yourself, hopefully i'll be purchasing some items soon and i'll post them on here :)


  1. What lovely pieces!Great find, I'll be checking that one out myself. xx

  2. In Love!!
    I'm totally obsessed with two piece matching outfits, definitely have to check out this website

  3. Lovely photos! I love their clothes!

  4. Hello dear x
    Im deeply in love with SaboSkirt too. Just wondering have u actually had bought any of the items from them? as i want to purchase two lovely garments but not sure how much would the shipping be with a custom charges and VAT (if u had to pay any:s ?)
    Cheers x