Sunday, 29 September 2013


Vivienne Westwood presented her Gold Label collection for spring 2014 in Paris Fashion Week featuring her creative iconic style with amazing designs and we never expect anything less from the fashion legend.

The show opened with a dramatic feel with models entering the runway from escalators. Themes included Dame Vivienne’s signature tartan designs and kittens printed on T shirts and handbags among chiffon dresses and big theatrical ball gowns. There was a medieval look to the designs and a fairy-tale feel about it with models faces splashed with mud and punkish birds nest up-do’s decorated with green wreaths to look like forest nymphs and one outfit had a look of red riding hood with a long red cloak with the model holding a shepherds crook. Lace, metallic and velvet fabrics were also used through the show.

Nature was a big part of the collection with plenty of floral prints and earthily tones. Vivienne’s passion for stopping global warming was included in parts of the show such as global warnings on long socks. Accessories included long clutches and shoe wear ranged from chunky platforms, tartan boots and gladiator sandals.

The collection was co-designed with Vivienne’s husband Andreas Kronthaler. Our favourite look of the show has to be the black and white floral skirt with a gorgeous lace cloak accessorised with a headpiece of giant pink roses and flowers attached to the models waist.

Vivienne hasn’t let us down with her artistic and theatrical take on the spring/summer 2014 collection and we loved every piece. 

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