Tuesday, 10 December 2013


 So i have been wanting a pair of fluffy shoes since forever, as i am a big sex and the city and clueless fan and like fashion, a lot of my shoe inspiration also comes from these 90's shows and fluffy shoes are loved and worn by both Carrie Bradshaw and Cher! I also saw the Topshop fluffy sandals and loved them but for £60 i thought why not try making my own.

I firstly bought some sandals which were these silver pair for around £12 from eBay, i imagined silver shoes with blue feathers would look really cute so went to a local craft store and bought a feather boa type of material for 80p and using a glue gun, glued it to the toe of the shoe. Lo and behold, my 90's inspired cute fluffy shoes! Its really easy and a cheaper way of creating this type of shoe and looks so adorable. (sorry the pictures are a little blurry: Iphone shots!)

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  1. I spend ages wondering where you bought your shoes until I realised It was diy. Can't wait to try this! x