Friday, 29 January 2016


When deciding where to go for my birthday I chose Paris, I haven't been since I was so young so I thought what better way to celebrate my birthday than Paris??

We firstly got the train to London and as we love London so much we decided to stay over for one night and then get the train from St Pancras to Paris the next day. In London we had a night out in Leicester Square and got food at the restaurant Bills, I've always wanted to try there, it was really nice and affordable.

The next day we made our way to St Pancras station to get the train to Paris, the train was so comfortable and it didn't feel that long until we arrived in Paris. As soon as we arrived I was in love, there are so many cute and quirky restaurants and I love how everyone drives scooters everywhere.

Before we checked into our hotel we grabbed some lunch from a modern looking restaurant, that spoke really good English and had free Wifi, bonus!!

We then arrived at our hotel, which was really posh, it had a 1950's feel to it with gorgeous décor. I loved the double windows in Paris. I was constantly looking out of them in our hotel room at the busy streets below.

Once we dropped off our bags we made our way to the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. The Arc de Triomphe was cool to see as it's so iconic, there were so many tourists taking pictures and standing in the middle of the road to take the best picture.

We then made our way to the Eiffel Tower, as soon as I saw it when we came round a corner I got emotional, it was so pretty and felt so surreal as I've seen it in so many pictures and films it didn't feel real to be looking at it. We stood for a while taking pictures of it and managed to catch the light show, it looked so lovely, i'm glad we went when it was dark to see the lights!

We found a lovely restaurant near the Eiffel Tower so got some food before we went up the Eiffel Tower as we were starving, we had some pasta which was really nice and the waiters are so friendly. We then made our way back to the Eiffel Tower and waited in line for our ticket, it wasn't that much of a wait, maybe half an hour? But for us it was worth it for the experience.

We decided to take the lift up to all three floors, as the weather was quite windy I think they closed the stairs that day. It cost 17 euros each which wasn't too bad. We made our way to the first floor and admired the view and then made our way up to the second floor and then the third floor. I'm not scared of heights but when the lift was going up to the third floor it made creaky noises and when you look out the windows you can see how high you are going which made me a little anxious. Once we got to the top floor it really is crazy how high it is and it's so cold up there and windy but the view is incredible, the lights of the city looked so amazing at night. You could also get champagne at the top but it looked a little pricey so we didn't, it was so windy up there anyway i'd probably have spilled half of my champagne.

After the Eiffel Tower, we walked around the shops like the Galeries Lafayette and Print Temps which reminded me a lot of Harrods in London. They had all the Christmas decorations too and a Star Wars window display which was cool!

While walking through the streets we kept getting asked for directions and if we spoke English as people kept thinking we were French. We also got asked by a Fashion blogger if we could talk about Paris fashion for her video blog! If only I spoke French..

The next day we went to the Louvre museum, I love love loveeee museums so I couldn't wait. The queue wasn't that long so we got inside quite quickly. It's free for under 25's so I had to show my passport for each section. I didn't realise how big the museum was going to be, it is huge! We got so lost in there and I really wanted to see the Mona Lisa and Aphrodite but it takes so long trying to find them.

We finally found the Mona Lisa as we followed the crowds, when you step in front of it though you kind of wonder what all the fuss is about. I admire the fact it was created by the genius Leonardo da Vinci but it's smaller than I imagined and it's also nothing special, there are so many other more amazing paintings in the museum which deserve recognition.

After the museum we headed to Notre Dame, grabbing an egg and tuna crepe on the way which I'd never had before, I always see crepes as a sweet thing not savoury but it was delish! We finally made it to Notre Dame, it's such a beautiful building I love the gothic feel it has.

I loved the area around Notre Dame it had lots of cute shops and you can see the Eiffel Tower in the distance. We had a little walk around and searched for a macaroon shop as I LOVE macaroons so had to try actual French ones. I got some from a shop called Les Marquis de Laduree near the Eiffel Tower, it was so posh, surrounded by designer shops. The macaroons were expensive, I got a box of 6 for 17 euros but they were the most amazing macaroons I've ever had and you have a choice of so many flavours.

Paris is now one of my favourite cities, I can't wait to go back. Au Revoir for now Paris...

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