Tuesday, 19 January 2016


I've always been obsessed with the 1970's, I love the hippie era, overall i like the style and the music! It looks like it was the most fun time to be alive, if I had a time machine i'd definitely go back to the 70's!

I love how music influenced 70's fashion like Jimi Hendrix's style was copied and the disco music genre was transformed into a fashion craze. I love how women broke the rules and wore what they wanted, it was all about flares, bell sleeves, faux fur, paisley prints, colourful dresses, turtle necks, stripes, velvet, satin, silk and embellished blouses. I always see the 1970's and the 60's as the era of women rebelling against the norm and really doing what they wanted.

I was particularly inspired to create this post after watching a film called The Diary Of A Teenage Girl, which is about a teenage girl living in San Francisco during the 1970s and begins an affair with her mothers boyfriend. I was drew to the film as it was set in the 70s, I admired the clothes and the music so much, the soundtrack is awesome. It is a good film about a coming of age story, focusng on  a young girl discovering her sexuality. I definitely recommend it! Especially to younger people as there aren't many films out there like this that tell the story of women's sexuality truthfully like this one, there are so many films out there that portray women's sexuality so stereo-typically. We need to be telling all women and men you are not a slut if you like sex and you are not a prude if you don't!!

It has some great 70's style inspiration..

So here are a few pieces of 70's inspired clothing I have on my wish list or have recently bought...

Topshop - Embellished bell sleeve dress

Nicole Khaki - Keyhole front bell sleeve dress

ASOS Marketplace - 70's vintage brown sheepskin coat

Alice & Olivia - Flared trousers

Urban Outfitters - Tie neck blouse

ASOS - Cord playsuit

ASOS - Soft jacquard dress

We Are Cow - Led Zeppelin band tshirt

ASOS - Oh my love sateen playsuit

River Island - Yellow stripe turtle neck

ASOS - 70s keyhole blouse in paisley print

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