Thursday, 21 January 2016


Venice is one of my absolute dream places to go so I just couldn't contain my excitement on the bus from Lake Garda to Venice which was about a 2 hour journey, I slept the whole way there as it was so early in the morning. It was also the hottest day since we'd been in Italy.

Once we arrived in Venice we then had to get a water taxi to get to the actually city. As the water taxi was getting closer to the city I got so excited seeing all the old buildings, the taxi was quite quick and we finally arrived. It felt so surreal to be in Venice, it is absolutely gorgeous, the buildings are so amazing and it helped that the weather was so nice too.

We got something to eat, some places can be quiet expensive so make sure to look at the menu's before you go in, after we ate we then began exploring, Venice is quite old fashioned, it has a 1950's feel to it as it has a lot of jazz/blues bars. I loved it, I felt like I was on a movie set, it was too surreal it didn't feel like a real place.

Every street is filled with music, people playing the violin, people singing opera, people playing guitar, a band were playing their music inside a clothes shop. There were lots of artists painting in the streets too, selling their art and the buildings looked like works of art, there was so much detail in the buildings. I loved how Venice is filled with music and art around every corner.

You can easily get lost in Venice, there are so many alley ways and turns and even though you try to remember the bridges you went across, they all near enough look the same. We got lost for quite a while trying to make our way back to St Marks Square.

We then decided to take a ride on a gondola to explore more of the city. The drivers were so lovely and have a great sense of humour, our driver even entertained us with some lovely singing! You see a lot more of Venice on a gondola, we noticed a lot of hotels entrances were on the canals so people had to get water taxis or gondolas to get to there hotels. I definitely recommend it even though it's a little pricey its worth it as you see a lot more and you will have the experience of going on one, I will always remember it.

People always complain about the smell in Venice, but I honestly didn't find it that bad, some parts smelled a little like sewage but it wasn't anything you couldn't handle, you hardly noticed it really.

Venice really comes alive at night, everywhere has something going on. Every bar has entertainment and a great atmosphere I really didn't want to leave but our taxi back was leaving at 11pm so we couldn't fully enjoy Venice's night life, maybe next time.

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