Wednesday, 13 January 2016

ITALY PART TWO - Malcesine

After spending some time in Lake Garda, we decided to take a bus to Malcesine which was only about half an hour away. A few people had told me about this place and said how beautiful it is so we decided to go.

As soon as I got there I was astounded at how beautiful it was. It was a small town with an amazing backdrop, it was like being in a painting with the mountains. We walked around and explored all the lovely little shops and searched for somewhere to have breakfast as we hadn't had time to have any that morning. We found a cute cafĂ© that sold hot sandwiches and sat inside, I noticed that even though I tried to speak the best Italian I could the people where so friendly and they spoke English really well.

After having breakfast we decided we were going to take the cable cars up to the top of the mountains to get a good view, we saw pictures on the leaflets of the views from the top and it looked beautiful. When we got to the place where you get your tickets we saw the queue for the tickets and cable cars and it looked so long, it must have been at least an hour wait, Michael also wasn't feeling well either, so we decided not to do it.

Instead we bought tickets to visit Castello Scalligero which was a beautiful castle beside the lake. Michael still wasn't feeling well but he still braved the long stairs all the way to the top. The views were breath taking.. 

The castle reminded me a little of Game of Thrones, there was also a wedding going on and it looked gorgeous, it definitely gave me ideas of where I would like to get married one day.

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