Sunday, 10 January 2016


Last October, me and my boyfriend took a holiday to Portinatx in Ibiza. I've never been someone who wanted to go on a party holiday, so Ibiza never attracted me. I always associated it with partying, drinking and a place full of clubs and tacky hotels, but when looking for holidays we came across a cute little place called Portinatx with lovely beaches, shops and hippy markets. So as it was quite cheap we booked it and 2 weeks later i fell in love with Ibiza.

As soon as we arrived i was amazed by the Island. The beaches were incredible, the ocean was so blue and the views were just so amazing! It was so hot too!

The first day was spent swimming in the clearest waters that were so warm and full of tiny fish swimming around my feet! We also took a boat ride to explore more of the Island,the rest was just as beautiful and had some amazing houses, beaches and caves! The locals were the most lovely people and were so laid back and polite to everyone. The restaurants and bars were so lovely with outside balcony's to sit by the sea and enjoy the starry night. The food was so good too, I love seafood pizza and the restaurants had so many choices of seafood pizza.

The next day we went to San Joan on a 'hippy train' which was a life size toy train that drove on the roads. One Spanish man drove and the other man with dreadlocks was named Elvis, he pointed out the sights like a sort of tour guide as we drove by, he wasn't boring like most tour guides he made it fun and cracked some hilarious jokes. He was Spanish but spoke in English as there were a lot of English people on the train and then he spoke in German as a German couple were also on the train, i can't even imagine how many other languages he knows and has to speak for other tourists, I was really impressed as he spoke both German and English really well! The train was open with no windows and I could feel the hot sun glaring down on me with a light breeze as we drove. Elvis played Spanish music through his radio while couples on mopeds and in jeeps speeded past us down tiny, bumpy roads. We visited the lovely streets and small churches of San Joan, it was really pretty. We also visited a beach and had a swim in the sea before heading back to the train to go back to Portinatx.

The next day was followed by more swimming and then a taxi ride to Es Cana, the biggest hippy market takes place there. When we arrived I fell in love as soon as I walked through! I could hear  drums and cool hippy music from the bands playing and was surrounded by colourful rugs, dreamcatchers, the smell of incense and aztec patterns were just everywhere! I was at home!
The people who owned the stalls were the coolest people I'd ever seen, they looked like Elvis with their dreadlocks and laid back style, I wanted to have my own stall too! Everyone was dancing along to the music and just enjoying life! 

I purchased a throw with an elephant, paisley pattern on it and some tie dye clothing. I wanted to buy everything I saw. Everything was so precious and handmade, one stall was full of rare handmade crystal rings and one full of crochet clothing that must of taken hours to make and another sat an old man making leather accessories by hand. He looked like the most interesting person to talk to but I didn't want to disturb him as he was concentrating on crafting his jewellery.

We spent a few nights in the hotel bar which had a gorgeous chill out area with huge sofas and fire torches! I loved it! It was a great place to just sit and relax and unwind after a long day if we were too tired to walk down to the other bars further away. They had some lovely cocktails too, I never stopped drinking Malibu and Pineapple! Sooo good!

We also spent a day in Ibiza Town which had so many cute shops selling hippy clothing, handmade jewellery, moroccan lamps, Buddhas and frozen yoghurt and there were so many adorable bars and cafes! The alleyways and staircases were covered in leaves and plants and flowers growing out of the walls.   

The best thing about Ibiza has to be it's sunset. You can't go to Ibiza and not witness it! We had to walk a bit away from our hotel to a castle and an old abandoned building to get to see it and as soon as we walked up the hill we were amazed, it was so lovely to sit and watch the sun go down, it was so peaceful and just an amazing sight to see.

This island was not what I thought it would be. It was so much better than I imagined, the locals, the laid back vibe, the carefree way everyone lives, I would love to live in Ibiza, own my own stall at the hippie market and live a chilled life driving around on my Vespa. Maybe one day...

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