Monday, 4 July 2016

Fauxchella: Dream Line-up!

So recently, i got asked who my dream line up would consist of at a festival. I had to have a good think about it and imagine if i ever did get the opportunity to choose my own line-up (which would be a dream come true if it were real) who would i really really want to be there! 

So i finally came up with the names you see before you in my 'fauxchella' line-up. A few of the artists and bands i have already seen live, i recently saw M83 and i was blown away by them! They are unreal, and i would absolutely love to see them again. Another is Jack Garrett, who was also amazing, he's so talented! 

I've also seen Seafret and Florence and the Machine who were also fantastic, i could listen to Florence's voice all day and she was great to see live.

I still have not seen the 1975, which i am devastated about as i love them! I keep trying to get tickets but they always seem to be sold out :(, someday... 

George Ezra i'm obsessed with so it would be great to see him, i'm also obsessed with Lana Del Rey, i keep hoping she'll make a return to the UK for a tour! Band of Horses are one of my favourite bands from when i was a teenager so it would be an absolute dream to see them play my favourite songs. Guns n' Roses would be a legendary experience i'm also hoping they'll get back together to do a tour in the UK!

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