Sunday, 27 November 2016


We arrived in the place we were most looking forward to, Annecy, France! We chose to go to this place because it reminded us so much of Venice which we also love! I wasn't prepared for how amazing Annecy was...

It is surrounded by Annecy lake and old buildings. It has lot's of little alleyways and little backstreets with cafes, restaurants and shops. As we came in August it was busier than we expected, as it's such a small place we thought it would be quiet but it was so crowded when we were there.

The views of the lakes and mountains were spectacular, people where hand gliding from the top of the mountain and swimming in the lake or where out on boats. 

We enjoyed the amazing wine and food, (France has the best wine!) and explored the pubs and bars. I love how everyone in France is so chilled out and they can sit and enjoy a glass of wine or two for hours just chatting to friends or sat watching passers by.

The next day we enjoyed some French Mussels in white wine sauce and some large macaroons before going for a swim in the lake. It was so warm! We hired a boat for about 19 euros for an hour which was so much fun!

Our last night in Annecy we enjoyed some pasta, and drank in our favourite pubs we had found. We also discovered a bar where you pour your own beer called beer o'clock! We loved it, you just put a certain amount of money on a card and then use it to pour the different beers, they had wine and cider too!

You can watch the video here - 

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