Monday, 3 October 2016


The next place on our travels was Geneva, Switzerland. We decided to stop in Geneva as it was close to where we were and Switzerland was a place we had always wanted to see! The train journey from Lyon to Geneva was really scenic, the views of the mountains where amazing!

We arrived in Switzerland and i really didn't expect Geneva to be surrounded by amazing mountains, as it is a city. I thought you would be unable to see the mountains with all the tall buildings in the way, but you can see them from the lake views and also from a little park that we found. 

How amazing is this view of the snowy alps in the background, you can just make out the white tops peaking out. It was surreal as it was such a warm day but you could see the alps covered in snow.

We spent quite a while sitting by the lake looking at the view because it was so beautiful, the lake was so blue! They also had a show on the lake with cinematic music, water fountains and the Jet d'Eau which was lovely to watch.

We enjoyed some lovely food in Geneva, we found some veggie burgers in one restaurant and then later i wanted to try a Swiss delicacy, Fondue. It was strange as i had never had anything like that before, it came with pickles and onions and bread to dip into the melted cheese, but it was nice! I also had to try Geneva's famous chocolate which was really nice!!

You can watch the video here - 

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