Monday, 3 October 2016


Our next stop on our interailing trip was Lyon, we got the train from Strasbourg station and arrived quite late in the evening in Lyon. We got lost looking for our hotel but a kind local helped us find where we were going (French people are so nice!) 

We arrived on a Sunday and as it was quite late most places were closed so we ended up getting takeaway pizzas and ate them in our hotel. The next day as we stayed quite a distance away from the old town in Lyon, we walked to the old town and crossed the two bridges over the river.. 

The old town is so pretty, there is so many little alleyways filled with quirky shops and restaurants. They have a miniature museum which we really wanted to go in but we decided to explore the rest of Lyon as we were only there for one day. We find a lovely Moroccan shop filled with beautiful rugs, throws and ornaments, i wish i could have fit some rugs in my backpack! There was also cute little book shops and clothing shops.

We stopped for Pizza at a small Italian restaurant which was amazing! I loved that you could sit outside and people watch as you ate. We also stopped at a Gelato shop as it's our favourite kind of ice cream, it was so nice! The ice cream came with a macaroon on top and they shaped the gelato into a flower, i went for chocolate and pistachio flavoured gelato. They have a ton of flavours so it is hard to choose, they also sold frappuccino's!

As we never usually plan what we are going to do we kind of just explore and go wherever our feet take us, so we ended up walking uphill, w weren't sure what was up there but the views where amazing, you could see the whole city! 

We also came across some Roman Ruins which was really interesting to see. It looks like it is still used today for concerts. We also visited the cathedral which was so beautiful.

You can watch the video here - 

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